Lamb stew and stuff

Well to begin with let me just say sorry to my many millions of readers for taking so long to post this blog, in my defence I have to say that it is the shooting season and that takes first place (actually I haven’t had anything to say, ain’t done any special cooking and couldn’t be arsed).
The season so far has been quite good except for the weather, it’s been too damned warm and too damned wet. A group of pals and I went down to Devon for a days shooting on the pheasants, it was fantastic, really high birds and very testing. If you want a really good day get it touch with Richard Goodburn at Hembury Castle.
My son Joe is a big meat eater and is particularly partial to a steak or six, well I recently got two steaks from Garry that defeated both of us.



They were extremely tasty but just too big, Millie was glad of that.

I’ve noticed that there are even more adverts using the term”for free” it really does get under my skin.

I cooked a lamb stew this evening, it’s really easy and very tasty especially on a cold winters day. Chop up (not to small) a large carrot and two onions and gently brown in a very small amount of oil.



Cut two lamb neck fillets into large chunks and add to the browned carrot and onions with a good sprinkle of dried rosemary.



Brown the meat (really brown the meat) add a bay leaf, salt and lots of black pepper (when you think there’s enough black pepper add a lot more) and about a pint of stock, I used chicken stock as I didn’t have any other anyway lamb stock tends to taste fatty so I don’t use it. Cut two large carrots into thick rounds and add to the stock. Simmer this for 15 mins or so, add a good scoop of fresh chopped parsley and then pop into a medium to low oven for 2 to 3 hours, stirring occasionally.





It’s important not to use much oil in the frying process as the lamb will add fat and you don’t want it tasting fatty, you can thicken the juices with some flour just before serving if it needs it.

I’ve got quite a few ducks and pheasants in the freezer so a gamey time will,be had for the foreseeable future. Speak soon.

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