Hi, I started this Blog (well my son did actually) because I’m told that I can cook. I have been press ganged into passing on my ideas and cooking philosophy together with some recipes and peripheral thoughts on what goes into my cooking.
I believe that everyone can cook but some find it difficult to follow or understand a recipe; this I think is in part due to the way most recipes are written and that most people these days don’t understand the basics of cooking. I try to make my recipes very easy to follow and understand; perhaps having tried one you could let me know how you got on.
One thing you need to understand from the beginning “a watched pot never boils” so they say but an unwatched pot will over cook or burn what you are preparing. Cooking is a very time consuming business, buying the ingredients does not mean a quick trip to your local Tesco/Asda/Sainsburys, they do not sell quality meats etc. You should try to find a good local butcher/fishmonger/greengrocer who can supply you with your requirements, speak to them about their products, tell them that you want the best they can get, it doesn’t cost any more than the supermarket, but you will get much better produce and if you do get a piece of meat that isn’t up to the mark go back and tell them (they will want to know) any butcher etc worth their salt will probably replace it free or at least give you a discount off your next purchase. It is as important to tell your supplier that you were pleased with your last purchase, try to build a relationship with them, this way they know you will return and even start to advise you when they have something special in that you may be interested in.
I think I must be quite lucky where I live because I’ve got three great butcher/gamedealers, two green grocers and two fishmongers all within 20 miles (yes 20 miles, good ones ARE hard to find). Take a look around your area see what you can find.
Over the years I’ve built up my pots and pans, buy the best you can afford; I generally use stainless steel saucepans and frying pans and cast iron oven pans and casseroles, I use the casseroles for pot roasting as well but we’ll get on to that at a later date. Buy some good knives, that does not mean expensive knives, some people think knives are a status symbol they’re not they’re kitchen utensils. I admit to owning an expensive set of knives but I built them up over the years and I only have 6 of them and got them cheaply, they do everything I need.
That’s all I can think of for now but I will be adding to this as I post.
I hope you find what I have to say both informative and light hearted.

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